Professional Development

Carmanah’s technical experts often host online seminars, in-house courses, and workshops. In this catalog series, we've compiled some of our most popular presentations for transportation professionals who are looking for renewal credits with participation certificates.

Welcome to Carmanah U (PDHs)

Enjoy our quick, 5-minute video to show you how Carmanah U works.

Crosswalk Bootcamp (PDHs)

In this course, we will explore issues facing pedestrians at uncontrolled crosswalks in North America, countermeasures—specifically, rectangular rapid flashing beacons—to improve safety, and various upgrades to add layers of safety to a pedestrian crossing. What we will cover: - Module 1: Uncontrolled Crosswalks, Safety Countermeasures and Effectiveness (40 minutes) - Module 2: Carmanah's Crosswalk Solutions, Features and Benefits (30 minutes) - Module 3: Crosswalk Safety Upgrades, Nighttime Overhead Lighting and more (45 minutes) Course length: 2 hours Each module includes a short quiz to test your knowledge of the material covered.

School Zone Countermeasures (PDHs)

In this module, we explore the most effective countermeasures for improving safety in school zones, including beacons, radar speed signs, and more. Module length: 40 minutes

Solar Basics (PDHs)

We'll introduce the basics of solar sizing and troubleshooting systems in the field. Module length: 45 minutes

Installation and Maintenance

Between site selection, shading, tilting, and wiring, there’s a lot that can go wrong when you’re installing a new traffic safety system. In this course, we explore the installation and maintenance process for traffic safety systems. Module length: 30 minutes

Battery Basics (PDHs)

Covering battery types, storage life, testing, and other features. Module length: 40 mins

Deep Dive: Overhead lighting for Crosswalks

This course includes product training sessions on a range of topics for additional learning. Module length: 40 minutes